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Pre Workout 210g Pine Apple

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PERFORMANCE – Muscles Era Pre-Workout has been given fuel to all athletes wheather a track star, bodybuilder or action sport athletes. Glutamine might help gut function, the immune system, and other essential process in the body, especially in times of stress. It is also Important for providing “fuel” (nitrogen and carbon) to many different cells in the body.

MUSCLE PUMP – Key factor of Elevator to increase workout productivity including focus on workout with passiveness and also increase muscle pump.

ENERGY & FOCUS – Muscles Era pre-workout supplement also contains caffeine that keeps you focused and active and reducing the risk of injuries due to lack of vigilance

HOW TO USE – Mix 1 scoop(7g) of MUSCLES ERA preworkout with cold water in 150 ml and consume 30 minutes prior to intense exercise. Do not consume more than two serving in a day.

Special Ingredients Creatine
Brand Muscles Era
Specific Uses For Product Energy Management
Product Benefits Enhance strength & energy
Item Form Powder
Dosage Form Powder
Flavour Pine Apple
Age Range (Description) Adult
Material Feature Vegetarian
Ingredients B-Alanine, Creatine, Caffeine, Citrulline, Taurine


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